Born of the Spirit

by Scott D. Hendricks

The sacred Evangelist says that Mary was betrothed to Joseph, to show that the conception had taken place upon her betrothal solely, and that the birth of the Emmanuel was miraculous, and not in accordance the laws of nature. For the holy Virgin did not bear the immission of man’s seed. And what, therefore, was the reason of this? Christ, Who is the first-fruits of all, the second Adam according to the Scriptures, was born of the Spirit that he might transmit the grace (of the spiritual birth) to us also; for we too were intended no longer to bear the name of sons of men, but of God rather, having obtained the new birth of the Spirit in Christ first, that he might be foremost among all, as the most wise Paul declares.

~ St. Cyril of Alexandria

Payne Smith, trans., Commentary on the Gospel of Saint Luke by Saint Cyril of Alexandria (Studion Publishers, 1983), 48.