Theology a Prelude to Creation

by Scott D. Hendricks

You have learned that there are two persons, the one who speaks and the one to whom the speech is addressed. Why did he not say, “Make,” but, “Let us make a human being”?

That you may know the sovereignty, that in acknowledging the Father you may not reject the Son; that you may learn that the Father created through the Son, and the Son created by the Father’s will; that you may glorify the Father in the Son, and the Son in the Holy Spirit. Thus you have been made a common work, that you may be a worshiper of both together, not dividing the worship but uniting the Godhead. . . . The prelude to our creation is true theology.

~ St. Basil the Great

Verna E. F. Harrison, trans., On the Human Condition, (Crestwood: St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2005), 33-34.