Wisdom and Power

by Scott D. Hendricks

Indeed, it is not useless or without benefits to us to believe in the power and wisdom of Christ in connection with the possession of the good.  For, when a person prays, he draws to himself through prayer what he is invoking and looking towards with the eye of his soul.  Thus, the person looking towards power (Christ is power) ‘is strengthened with power unto the inner man,’ as the apostle says, and the person calling upon the wisdom which the Lord knows of old becomes wise, as our introduction stated.  Indeed, the person synonymous with Christ [i.e., having His name as a Christian], who is power and wisdom, having been empowered against sin, will also exhibit wisdom in himself by his wise choice.  When wisdom and power are displayed in us, the one choosing what is fair, and the other confirming the choice, a perfection of life interwoven with both of these qualities is achieved.

~ St. Gregory of Nyssa

Virginia Woods Callahan, trans., Saint Gregory of Nyssa: Ascetical Works (Washington: The Catholic University of America Press, 1967), 101-102.