Some Sayings of Euprepius

by Scott D. Hendricks

1. Abba Euprepius said, ‘Knowing that God is faithful and mighty, have faith in him and you will share what is his. If you are depressed, you do not believe. We all believe that he is mighty and we believe all is possible to him. As for your own affairs, behave with faith in him about them, too, for he is able to work miracles in you also.’

*    *    *

5. A brother asked the same old man, ‘How does the fear of God dwell in the soul?’ The old man said, ‘If a man is possessed of humility and poverty, and if he does not judge others, the fear of God will come to him.’

~ from The Sayings of the Desert Fathers

Benedicta Ward, trans., The Sayings of the Desert Fathers: the alphabetical collection (Kalamazoo: Cistercian Publications, 1975), 61-62.