Elder Silouan

by Scott D. Hendricks

We do not need riches or learning to know the Lord. We must simply be obedient and sober, have a humble spirit and love our fellow-men.

We may study as much as we  want, but we shall still not come to know the Lord unless we live according to His commandments, for the Lord is not made known through learning, but by the Holy Spirit.

~ St. Silouan the Athonite

Archimandrite Sofrony, The Undistorted Image: Staretz Silouan, 1866-1938, translated by Rosemary Edmonds (London: The Faith Press, 1958), 115-118.

Quoted by Thomas Hopko, All the Fulness of God (Crestwood: St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1982), 27.